Friday, April 1, 2011

I was thinking of you..

Dear Hanis,
We met at a crossroad of our life...between choices that we have to choose..and the irony is with our separate ways, we met in the middle. How so unexpected! I still have a vague picture of you in 4 Al Khawarizmi and now you are among my former students in 4 Jabir at SMKA Slim River.

Things might be so opposite and different but believe me, you will learn lots of fabulous newbies while trudging the pavement of SMKA Slim River.  There is a lot of hidden treasures for you to discover. Take your time and hold back your breath and you will see rainbows within the heavy turbulent!

Believe me that you are the chosen one to be where you are. As the chosen one, you can choose how to draw the lines, where to start and when to stop. And trust me, you are in a good hand. Mama will take good care of you!

Send my love to 4 Jabir..they hold a special place in my heart and now you are there too...

p/s: someone post your blog piece in the teachers' room..hehhe..

Puan Sharifah

Hati kita tidak pernah sempurna...kita sentiasa kecundang dalam kelemahan penuh dengan hawa dan nafsu!

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thanks for the advice teacher,,tak puas bljr dgn teacher,,ap2 pn teacher best,,