Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Teacher...

I never dreamed to be a teacher, let alone to be an excellent teacher. I was not the best students in my class during my school days. I was timid and too introvert to react to my surrounding, most of the time; I will shy away from any limelight that will project of my achievement. But there was a teacher in my class who always drummed the idea that all her students will be able to succeed in their life. Her consistency and enthusiasm were the elements that made me a teacher, believing that I can bring the same belief into my own classroom.
I have been thrown many curve balls in life and especially after 19 years in the teaching profession, having a positive attitude has helped me to cope with juggling the balls with my students. They are used of my high expectations to hail the flag in their achievement, not only in academics but also as a person. This is achieved by creating a positive learning environment as my students need to know what is expected from them every day. A positive learning environment is essential but to have this, I have learned to be flexible because everything is in a constant state of change as very few days are 'typical' and interruptions and disruptions are the norm. Therefore, I realised a flexible attitude is important for my students who expect their teacher to be in charge and take control of any situation.
Looking back at my old days as a student has taught me valuable lessons as a teacher. I remembered having to deal with a teacher who has treated the last class students as unreachable, lazy and a failure in their life but at the same time, there was another teacher who without any hesitation or a second thought led most of my classmates and me to a better road when we have lost our ways.
So, all in all, my students’ success is what drives me to continue because once I enter my class each day and begins teaching; I was really the one who decides what is going to happen next. I want to keep on being that teacher.
I hold to a principle that a teacher actually not only teach but also a trendsetter because we affect eternity. We can never tell where our influence stop as we transform young, impressionable lives with our knowledge and skills making us exemplary disposition as ambassadors of Education Policies. As we are the key factor in promoting knowledge acquisition and I believe as a trendsetter, I hope to be able to maximise the students’ potential by combining my past experiences as a student, as a teacher, as a trendsetter and as myself!
Being a teacher is like being a chef concocting a special menu fit for a king. We use the best ingredients with flair of clairvoyant because the mixture comes from our heart and soul with a pinch of fun of what we are producing. We give our very best which come from our honesty as a person who wants only the very best to be serve on the table. That is why to be a teacher; we have to have a heart of a mother, a touch of love and a sword of a knight. All these are the recipe to build a nation which will be the global player on the world stage.
Based on the stringent stages in choosing a teacher, MOE have to be sure that any individuals chosen are selected among the best. So, even after having the best candidates, these teachers still have to continuously attend long-term and short-term courses, seminars and workshops to upgrade and update themselves with the latest knowledge, techniques and strategies to understand the ever changing needs of students. As the implementer of policies, teachers do face a lot of constraints in executing duties and they are a part of interdependent stakeholders in schools. I think as a teacher who understand her role inside and outside of the classroom will be able to carry this duty gloriously because once her students excel in their life, it is a living prove the she is an excellent teacher herself.
In conclusion, I have a vision that an excellent teacher portrays a teacher who understands her role and her duty to her students. Not only that, she is able to mix all the best elements in her classroom to give her students a sense of pride in their achievements in academic and in their life. As a guide and a trendsetter, she sets an example of true meaning of a wholesome human being who believes in herself and God.

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