Monday, May 14, 2007

Ooi's Ph.D(Eduction) Qualifying Examination: The Qualities of A Highly Effective Teacher

1.What are the element of highly effective teachers?
Look at the outcome of highly effective teachers and EPRD is a good place to look first.

2. What is the assumption of effective teacher?
3. How to improve and what are the practices of effective teachers
4. What are the serious limitation?
5. What are the best practice of highly effective teachers?


An effective teacher work with the students by moving from a to b
What is that we expect from effective teacher?
What should be the outcome by putting effective teacher in class?

Research question and agenda has to be address.

Look at the how and why not what in theorical understanding
Qualitative enquiry : benefit from rich deep : profile each one of them based on the their teaching skill, classroom practice and the consenquenses and parallel oof these teacher: potray of effective teacher by Lee Norman.

Clarifying: (Dr Alia)
The issue:
The qualities of effective teacher?
1. Are you equip?
2. As a master teacher, do you have the effective teacher qualities?
3. Qualitative inquiries:
a. Are you using the a checklist?
b. Are you refering to the teacher's record book?

Rethink the title: fill the gap and look at the international level with some grounding not only in Malaysia.
Look at the link where all the issue and formulating a problems. And the main focus should also about the human capital and master teacher. Look at the external factors and sorrounding issues.
reframe :
1. What could replace master teacher?
2. Look at national implication.
3. How master teacher relate to capital?
4. Address controversies issues like why being a master teacher is not lucrative.
5. Look at all the interesting questions like:
a. why teachers in school are not interested in becoming master teacher.

Few questions:
1. Looking at secondary or primary?
2. who appoint the master teachers?
3. Who suggested the master teachers?
4. Look at how people write hypotheses? was a tough presentation...

I learn a lot.

Maybe I will join him in the search for "Teacher Idol" !!


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