Monday, October 19, 2009

How are you?


Today I was in school after a long whole week off either sick or too busy doing things...and everybody keep on asking me "how are you?"...and .my sloppy answer was..."been busy!"

then most of them countered again, maybe looking at my eye bags and how haggard I am!

Alamak...I tell you the has been a very..very busy week and going to be till the school semester break! Adoi....back ache, stomach ache and  head ache...I really long for a loooooooooooong holiday just to sleep away the day..Hilang 10 hari kat Pangkor pun best gak...heheehehe, just to get a good tukang urut pun heaven...!

So today, I really stretch my day off just to get a few things done! The best part was submitting Atok's assigment. That was the one that really taking toll on me...Adui...sakit belakang woiii...sitting and shitting and pouring hours of sweats to learn SPSS! But tomorrow will be another long day too since I still have another SPSS assignment to be finished, which I hope to be done and away..heheheeh..

And from Wednesday till Friday, will another long half weekday! Pembentang Kajian Tindakan, State Level...sounds "gah" but nothing has been prepared! So malam ni, mata kelawar lagi finished the powerpoint presentation..(konon nak buat canggih)!

Finished that, come along the co joint program with JPN Selangor...kena jadi presenter untuk reading skill application in class...two slots...adehhhh! Pun belum prepare gak! heheheehehehe...kantoi...kantoi...

Once done that, well maybe..still contemplating to attend or not the Seminar in IAB for another 4 days...

After that school holiday laaaa...

the best blessing in disguise was, I was MIA (missing in action) for PMR marking for this year...Lega gak sebab dah tak terkampoi dah..

Last thurday, had an EMIS meeting (first time lorr)...hmmm...all data has to be updated! So along the wee hours nanti, kena update all the data for teacher, but yang masalahnya tu bila some teachers memang tak kisah bila diminta data peribadi mereka...takpa...guna skill inter and intra personal...belajar!!

Heheheheeh...esok cari lagi maklumat pasal Lot tanah dan no geran sekolah...kata ust Zainol, jadi guru data kena belagak CSI sikit utk dapatkan maklumat...heheheehehe!

So...a "how are you" question might lead you to long list of things to be done..hoping to be finished, expecting to be assigned to lots and preparing one self to be prepared for what might come....

alamak....belum buat SKT lagi...huhuhuuuhuhu..!

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