Friday, February 12, 2010

The Holiday starts!

Today is the day most of SMKA students is waiting for. A week of leisure and free from rigid schedules will definitely be an uplifting booster for them.

As like most of my students, I too, have my personal agenda for this holiday....There is long vacation to Terengganu with the anticipated event for past few months since I was so busy my programs!

Seeing the students rushing to their awaiting parents and buses once the clock hits 10.30am, evokes me of a realization, of how life in a dorm and being curb by rules and regulation through a disciple routine, makes them wish that they are out of this place. Since I am out of that kind of experience, I guess I have none to comment but I would really want to know what is in this students' mind when they are being put through this rigorous routine for the next five years of their life?

I had a vision once, to put Anisa through this too, but alas, I was saved by the bell! Maybe deep down, I do know that she is not cut for this life...

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