Friday, February 19, 2010

Plucking something new...

Sometimes, we just need to add a new touch to our life..heheheheeh!

So yesterday..while merayap in Jusco (again...!) we kinda found something new! Something that is not actually out of blue or impulsive! We bought this...

Why? Well, maybe there must be something new that I believe we should learn and acquire by hard, definitely for betterment and also for pleasure...heheehhe! I am not really a melody person..but there is always room for something different!

This black acoustic guitar was  chosen by Anisa, so very Yuna! And today I believe she is so ready to pluck something new with the help from her music teacher...Miss YouTube! The nearest music teacher (a real person) will be somewhere near Bidor...ouch! That's far!!

note::: Dearest 2 Jabir, 4 Taimiyah and 4 Khaldun

Please check your comment setting because I am having problem leaving my comment in your blogs...


nadia said...

Teacher it's me nadia.You can't comment me?

nadia said...

Wow that guitar was very nice.

teka-teki said...

hye teacher
it's amin from 4 khaldun
sorry because moving from smkasr without telling you
i'm gonna continued my studies at technical institute kuala lumpur at cheras kl
thanks a lot because teach me about BLOG
i appreciate it
hope we can still keep in touch
and hope teacher would not delete me from your blog list(hahahx)
i think thats all
by the way
the black acoustic guitar
was very NICE
have same hobby