Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have answered!

1. Do you like "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck?

~ I like reading so I guess I like any kind of novel. The Pearl is a tragedy to me!

2. How old is Sir Aznan?

~ I don't know...Anybody care to ask him personally?

3. Which university will you choose?

~ Inevergouniversity?

4. What type of challenge that you have face so far?

~ hmmm..to list them will be a long list!

5. Tell me about your grandmother.

~ She's alive and kicking!

6. How to prepare for SPM?

~ Just make sure you are there in hall to sit for the exam!

7. What type of car would you like?

~ a car is just a vehicle that takes me from one destination to another. a Jag would be nice though!

8. Which football team that you like to see in EPL?

~ any team can do as long as they are good looking!

9. What is your target in life?

~ Make my life worth living.

These are the questions from my boys, 5Khaldun. Today they are busy crating their blogs. An excellent jumpstart!.

p/s: to Hazlina, bila nak expose budak2 you kat blog? Bagus untuk mereka belajar kumpul resepi...hehehehe!

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DeLinn said...

itu jawapan student u ke sharifah? hehehehehe lawak