Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tahniah buat 5 Khaldun boys!

Sometimes, a different approach will bring out a different outcome! They have done and showed me that English is never a serious lesson though it is a hectic one for them. Believe me, they still have fun!

These boys are for sure will be exceptional engineers! They have the talent and the ability to make it.

My approach towards them is done in a very simple yet vigorous. They are learning English in a very much a hands-on style. Today they learn English in Mighty Minds in Ipoh Parade, Ipoh...hmmm...a good attempt. One of the teams was so near to be in semi final. Sayang beb! Then we all watched "Star Trek"! eh?! The irony...SMK Methodist Tg Malim is Perak Champ!

Last week 5 Khaldun were busy finishing NIE Mag Inc. The only Form Fifther taking part and at the same time they are also handling SIR (Spell it Right) for school level.The week before last week they were briefed on their English Drama. Title dah ada..tinggal finalizing on the script! The best part, I am working with boys after 5 consecutive years working with only girls...What an opportunity! And SMKA Slim is taking part in English Dram for the first time.

Me...heheheh...just doing my job!

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