Monday, March 24, 2008

HP Pavilion tx1200 Entertainment Notebook PC series

The HP Pavilion tx1200 Entertainment Notebook PC delivers a new personal mobile computing experience with a ‘twist & touch’ screen display. The innovative design enables consumers to enjoy the best entertainment and productivity experience.
genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic or Premium for superior digital entertainment and advanced features

Enjoy bright, sharp images and crisp video clips with the HP BrightScreen technology. 12.1-inch touchscreen display responds beautifully to pen input letting you glide from each application with utmost ease.

AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual Core Mobile technology boosts multi-media applications responsiveness for a more enjoyable entertainment experience. It accelerates current applications with HyperTransport™ Technology, for faster response and greater agility.

Protect your data with the built-in biometric scanner. Scan and register your fingerprint so only you may have access to the computer. Log on to email, banking or any password protected websites.

Launch QuickPlay for DVD, photo/video, music playback and navigate Windows Vista® multi-media applications as easily as using a TV remote. HP mini-remote store in ExpressCard slot for
Seksinya hubby baru aku nih! Mengancam habis especially bab boleh pusing 180 degrees dan touch screen! Macam phone Nokla N95 pulak! Sanggup aku rabak jap bulan ni demi sebuah laptop camni nih...Apa pun kena tengok budget sebab pricenya agak pricy sikit! RM 3300. Atau tunggu ghega nya jatuh! Atau, tunggu "laptop" ni jatuh ke riba...

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