Saturday, March 1, 2008

Are we HAPPY?

Have we ever sit and really ponder, how happy are we? Or we just pretend to look happy so that the ones around us can be happy too? Tonight, I was surrounded by books and movies just to pass the time so that I can make it fly away faster…

With a movie, "27 Dresses" and a Carly Phillips novel, "The Bachelor" (great comparison through a man's and a woman's eyes of the meaning of true happiness), and I was cruising through my pictures of all the places that I've been past year while cuddling my little boy who was enthralled with the latest movie trailer "Duyung", it was the song "Aspalela" actually that was able to make him sat on my lap and rerun the movie trailer more than 10 times!!

Then, suddenly while the rain was drizzling, I remembered that my father took my little kancil for his night outing, I guessed to have a "teh tarik" with his friends at my mum's coffee shop run by a Thai couple (at night) for their infamous Tom Yam and not to forget my FAV.. kue teow kungfu, so I took my mum's Perdana to a late Pasar Malam in secluded Aulong just to grab some tit bits and not to forget my son's monthly ration of a tin of Essential (milk is beneficial for brain development!) and there it struck me, while standing in the middle of the road while walking to the car and trying to feed the last spoonful of jelly into my son's opened jaw! That am I really happy with my life?

So,while driving back home, my son was busy getting his hand into the keropok pisang, and I was teaching him a lesson of don't mess with Opah's car…well, he was more into getting the chips in his mouth than to be bothered with my whining all the way to the house…hak..hak..hak..and again, it struck me hard on my face that gave a loud thump in my heart…that I am on the right track towards my happiness, and why should I question it again and again. There, I realized that happiness don't come along…we make it happened! It is as easy as that…wallaaa…


Unknown said...

true..simple pleasures in life do make us happy..


p/s : i like to have my coffee on a rainy day..just savoring my sweet coffee..ahhhhhh

Sharifah Hassan said...


hmmm...i would rather go for a hot cup of Milo 'O' tarak gula tarak susu, kasi kaw-kaw punya...gelas besar.. is the question of simple but complex?? and the gruel experience that sometimes taught us to appreciate the simplest pleasure around us...

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