Thursday, April 10, 2008



Plan for today started off very simple. My car should be ready by yesterday evening before I came back from Parit Buntar. Unfortunately, everything went haywired. Maybe I have done a wrong deed!...

Yesterday I car pooled with Honey, so same goes for today...well, I am not used of doing things according to other people's time, so I felt so hapless. Then, for today, at first we thought to finish the 2 motions but as usual, our mind just couldn't keep pace with the pressure and we opted to stop by 4.30pm. Again, I need to figure a way to go home. With so many alternatives, yet all were ambushed to ashes and my mum had to come for rescue!!!

Everyone later checked in at Hotel Damai instead of Parit Buntar Inn. But I was not prepare to stay overnight due to Sufi whose now feverish with hot temperature. So Honey sent me to the bus station to take the "nostalgic" red Omnibus back to Taiping. While pondering over my blog post, out of blue, a man came and simply said that the bus is not going to Taiping because the bus driver is having headache...Ouuch! What a heart ache for me. I zoomed to the taxi stand hoping to get a taxi within a rate of 20 to 30 Ringgit. Just believe that they charged RM 40 to Taiping. My Gosh...that is sooo expensive. Alas, again I called Honey to rescue! Alhamdulillah, my mum called me saying that she doesn't mind fetching me..As usual we have our bodyguard so I am not to worry.... last I can rest my feet in Darling and Honey's room!

What a day and tomorrow yet to come.

Still have my scripts to prepare and the gruelsome day ahead tomorrow!
My Comment:
Biasalah bila apa yang kita rancang tidak menjadi. Kalau asyik semuanya menjadi, kita akan leka dengan apa yang kita dapat dan menjadi selesa sehingga kita terbelenggu dalam comfort zone. Dan kadang-kadang aku sedar semua ini ujian untuk membina ketahanan aku agar mampu menguasai keadaan. Cuma ada masa-masanya bila kepenatan menguasai fizikal dan terasa...bestnya kalau dapat melingkau je atas katil dengan buku cerita dan lupakan realiti...Kosongkan minda! Hilang seketika...