Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Harpreet and Theviya

oopss...are you guys thinking of to kill me?

harpreet..your birthday is on 12 March.... and Theviya's on 13 March..if I'm not mistaken...Looottttssss oF huuuuuuuuuugs ang Kisssseeessss.....AND DEFINITELY...AN APOLOGY



Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Tia said...

Hi teacher!!!!TQ soo much for remembering our b'day.We 'r not angry at all in fact we 'r sooo happy.Well Harpreet can't reply coz her com is doing it's usual routine of 'somersault'.Still she sends her best.(u-know-her)Anyway how is ur life in Taiping?Hope everything is going on great.Our life here is quite stressful."SO LIL' TIME,SO MUCH 2 DO......." -homeworks,tuitions,'kerja kursus',revision 4 form 1,2&3.Worse still we basically have only less than 4 months 4 PMR.... deducting the trial month & the mid-term month. Sometimes I even wonder if it is too late....I DUNNO what am I GONNA do....!!!!! Anyway TQ sooo much 4 the wonderful greetings.!!! CHIMO!!!