Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Catalyst for Change - Change Management Theory

satu perkataan yang menarik kan..

Antara pedagogy yang menarik untuk digunakan dalam kelas

1. Cooperative learning
2. Project based learning
3. Technology in classroom
4. Meaningful Learning
5. Community partnership
6. Research Based Learning
7. Conflict resolution
8. Process drama
9. Peer sharing & teaching
10.Critical- high level thinking
12.Songs in sounding

Banyaknya idea tetapi bagaimana aku dapat memberi segala pengalaman ini kepada komuniti.

1. Aku harap dapat membawa lebih banyak aktiviti dalam classroom
2. Aku harap menjadikan pelajar-pelajar memahami bagaimana dan mengapa perkara berlaku sebagaimana ia berlaku
3. Aku berharap dapat berkerja dengan CDC untuk menggunakan pengalaman aku dan melahirkan guru berkualiti tinggi
4. Aku berharap dapat menggubah permikiran guru supaya menjadi lebih professional
5. Aku berharap dapat menggunakan teknologi dlm kelas
6. Aku berharap dapat mengaplikasi apa yang dipelajari

1. Aku risau guru di sekolah akan menolak segala pembaharuan yang dibawa
2. Aku risau permohonan aku untuk bekerja dengan CDC akan ditolak
3. Aku risau kerana kekurangan pengalaman aku akan dianggap tidak lyak untuk menjadi pemangkin perubahan

What can you do right away? What can you do "down the road"?
1. In your classroom with students? Consider how you can make classes more interactive?

The activities will focus on student-centred and more movement in classroom

2. With lesson plans? Consider how you plan your lessons differently or develop innovative materials to supplement text books?

I will create a flow in my lesson plan where I will have a main theme work on the sub-topic. I will create a packet that the kids can keep. The activities will focus on student-centred and more movement in classroom

3. With your teachers' community? Consider which colleagues and what linkages exist for you to work teachers

I will work with teachers who are interested in learning what I have learn.

4.With parents of your students? Consider activities that already exist, or new ones that could be developed, for you to work with parents.

Apply an "Open-Door" policy for parents to be in my class and be part of the learning support.They should be able to discuss with me what and how they want their children to learn. I want them to be involved in the teaching and learning process just by helping their children with homeworks and be there when ever the children need them

5. With professional organizations? Consider training activities for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
I will apply to work with Curriculum Development Centre, with the school district and give talks on making a change in the classroom.

6. With your U.S. colleagues? Consider activities that you can create to continue working together virtually?
Tele-conference, share lesson planning, having combine research-based learning between students in U.S. and Malaysia

7.with your international colleagues? Consider joint projects you might do with your IEP colleagues in other countries.
I would love to do combine lesson plan and work on a virtual project based learning and virtual research based learning and have a tele-conference for the presentation.

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