Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is life...

Last night I slept early. Anisa wanted to go to Popular Book Store after dinner (sambal sotong, labu masak air, ikan belanak masin~kampung style!). Actually I took a sleeping pill with a glass of orange juice. Slept like a baby till 5 am!


Sometimes life is not like what you expect it to be! Most of the time, it always went out of the usual track. There are days where things seem so perfect yet there are days, it goes haywire. So where should I put myself? Last time, my blue sleeping bag is my fortress. There was where I buried myself for the next few hours to come!


I learn to deal and face it with open arm and open eyes. Yet last night I just need to loose myself in a good sleep! So many things had happened and I need (more than than just wanting) to really look deep in my life and start arranging and reaaranging all my scattered plans!


I'll be granted (keep wishing)!
Things will be as what I have planned.

Terima kasih kepada rakan yang sebenarnya (bukan belajar dari aku!) juga mengajar aku supaya berani, sabar dengan apa jua yang bakal mendatang dan bersedia dengan apa jua yang bakal menduga...(bukan tak berani menyebut tapi memang tak berani...malu kut!).
Terima kasih kerana sentiasa di situ...tak pernah lari ke mana-mana walau rasanya ramai yang selalu menarik tangan...(kalau boleh ko janganlah pi mana-mana-bertahan je!)

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