Sunday, December 9, 2007

Something to Ponder Upon

The World that we know today is very sick. From earthquakes every other months to hurricanes and flood seasons all around. I am not sure if anyone had notice this, but as for me I am sensitive towards the Signs. My knowledge of mathematics and physics allows me to have a more sensitive sense of nature but every soul of a human being has a sense when things are not right. We are also given the intelect to make a logical judgement of things but sometimes intelect gets skewed by irrational logic. A friend once told me that your heart will never lie and for me that's a way that God is trying to tell you something. That is the natural sixth sense. Intelect compliments the sixth sense in giving a wholesome picture of the world we live.

Gerak hati adalah sesuatu yang sangat banyak membantu kita dalam melihat perkara-perkara yang kita tidak nampak. Kadang-kadang tanpa kita sedari gerak hati juga membuatkan kita menerima sesuatu takdir dengan hati yang terbuka kerana kita menerima hakikat bahawa itulah ketentuannya.

Aku suka dengan ayat penulis ni ~ sometimes intellect get skewed by irrational logic.

Kebenaran kata-kata ini ternyata berlaku dalam kehidupan kita apabila acapkali kita memberikan pendapat yang tidak rasional yang memang tidak menunjukkan kebijaksaan kita kerana kita mengambil mudah apa yang berlaku dan tidak memandang satu-satu maalah it dari pelbagai sudut.
The modern science based on deduction of observation of nature allows man to understand the world around him. We have achieved glory in Science and Technology and yet we are still grasping to understand each other in an open way. Not only am I talking in the big context of interracial, international or interreligion understanding, I am talking about a personal level we have yet to understand our brothers and sisters, husband and wifes, boss and employees. We are still operating in the notion that we know everything that is to know while we don't. That act of arrogance have cost us broken families, broken lifes and broken nations.
I am not an End of the World mongerer because I think only God ultimately knows when it will happened. End of the Worlds happened quite a lot in the past from the Black Plague in Europe that wiped out millions of Europeans, to the most recent Tsunami in Aceh. We looked at it as a catastrophe, but for the ones that ultimately died in the disasters, it is the End of the World for them. Whatever it is, we are not in the business of predicting End of the World. What I am appealing to everyone is just to look around you and ponder upon our fragile existense and try to make the best out of every moment for everyone. If someone has a bad day, don't add more injuries to it. If for whatever reason, we are upset about things that is happening in our lifes, just think about the bright side always.

End of the world ~ Tidak bermaksud itulah penghujung dunia buat kita jua. kadang-kadang kita terlalu mengharapkan orang supaya memahami kehendak dan keperluan kita tanpa memikirkan atau memahami kehendak dan keperluan orang lain. Adakah kita kian menjadi manusia-manusia yang mementingkan diri dan tiada empathy dalam vocabulary kehidupan kita?
The complexity of the human relations can be simplified if only we put and effort to understand and reserve our judgement that might be skewed by irrational logics. Beyond the different skin colors and appearance is just as red a blood there will ever be. I think we need to ponder more on the substance than the appearance. I think there is a lot of work in Understanding our existence and one another. But, I also think it is a worthwhile effort considering that the news and the power that be does not help us in getting there. Of course, this email is always a message for myself to act upon.

Bukan mudah untuk kita memahami kewujudan insan lain kerana kita selalu merasakan yang kitalah yang terbaik atau tercorot, kitalah telah memberikan yang terbaik atau tidak , kitalah yang mengalami peristiwa-peristiwa terhebat dan terburuk. Kadang-kadang kita memikirkan kita berada di puncak dunia atau di bawah sekali.

Apapun...selalunya ia mesti tentang kita dan tidak tentang orang lain. Kita sering mempersoalkan tentang hak kita tanpa memikirkan hak orang lain...

Thank you for your kind attention.
P/S: For the ones that knows me personally, sorry for the 'Sound of silence' on the forum. I've been to busy with work. Life goes on and there is plenty of work to be done in our ever so lovely Malaysia. No puns intended. The message above is the accumulation of thoughts of what's going on here and around the world.

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