Monday, December 3, 2007

Untitled ..again

These past few days, I have been trying hard at making myself busy..too busy till I just drop dead. 30 November is a very important date in my life as I was able to make a decision to take care of my life. And 24 days from today I hope I will be able to stand tall in front of people who will anew my life or doom it...

I have whined, cried, screamed...walked for miles thinking...flew half way the world to make my decision, left and right in fact just to make a just decision for myself. Am I able to make it through...I don't know.

Many nights months ago, I stayed awake to come a right decision. To leave, to stay, to change, to choose is so difficult...

I have walked on no man's land to make a dream come true but is it a dreamed dream?

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