Monday, October 1, 2007

Leading The Leaders

As a teacher, I believe it is our tru calling to lead the leader to the right path in their decision. We are the one that mould their thinking and their doings.

I never choose to be a teacher nor I chose to be where I am today. But I am proud of what I have achieved with my students. They are going to be the leader of the future and I am glad to put a mark in their life.

Introducing them to blogging has really brought us closer...something that is quite difficult to achieve when the age and experience gap are too wide! Because as teacher we have this motto.."trust me, I know what I'm doing!"

But not so because in the world of technology, the student ~ the younger generation are the local, they understood the language, the culture and the hickups in technology whereas we ~the teachers are the immigrant, still groping in the dark hoping someone will lead the way.

So now, in the world of technology, I am wondering who is leading who??

To Orchidian007 ~ Any comment?

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Orchidian007 said...

aloha teacher......the article was gr8 and interesting........v luv d way u teach us & v r very happy tat v haf a open-minded and far-sighted teacher...lolx....thx again teacher.....v owe u 1..; p