Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A letter to my students

To my Dearest Students,

Today all my 2 Orchid students received their English paper. The most interesting part for is to deal with all the speculation of how I have marked the paper. Once they have received, well, it seems that they were not satisfied with my marking scheme!

The real issue here is because they did not get an 'A' for English paper when they knew that they could easily obtain an 'A'. I can empathized with them but at the same time it is about a learning process that has taken place indirectly. The integrity as a teacher depends very much on how she/he evaluate her/his students. I want my students to be prepared for the worst to come so that they will be able to receive what ever might come with an open mind and open arms!

It is never about to be the coolest teacher or the most likable teacher in school but it is about how as a teacher, she/he is able to impart the knowledge in all aspect~ physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

Still...hats off to all my students in being able to understand my utmost mission is to prepare all of you not for today but foremost is for your future...

In order to achieve a significant result, I have to have a significant method!

Pn Sharifah

p/s: I am waiting for all your comments..Let us have a heart to heart discussion!


Orchidian007 said...

teacher, i have expected it BUT
still damn sad, miserable and angry.
feel that life sucks,
only thing i can do is deal with it.
like what my sister keep on telling me,
'life sucks, deal with it'.
that is one sentence which makes me keep on living.
if not, i would be dead by now because i get stressed up too fast.
anyways teacher,
thanks for the results.
eventhough, it is not an A but i will try my best for the next exams.
it is too late to do anything about this exam.

Sevita Sharma

Sharifah Hassan said...

It is better late than never and why must you stop here? Always look forward, always bare in mind that you are moving forward towards your future. You are gathering all the needed tools to be successful in the future!

I like you attitude!So suck it up and be it...It is not the end of life.

Orchidian007 said...

thank you so much teacher.
u make me feel so much better.
i promise teacher and myself that i will do everything which will improve my English.
PMR is just in few months time.
wow, time is flying.
i better do it fast before it is too late.

thank you again for adding our marks.
i was quite surprised actually
but i really, really appreciate it.

thank you so much for everything teacher.

Sharifah Hassan said...

hahaha..i made a spelling mistake ~bare should be bear!!

Human maaaa....

Sharifah Hassan said...

I should not be too hard and harsh in my marking. I knew that you were not with an English teacher for the first six months!! So it would be unfair to be too strict in my marking though that is how it should be...

Orchidian007 said...

that's true teacher but it is not that u marked the paper very strictly.
i am really, really terrible in my English.
i knew that long ago.
i have been trying to do something about it but nothing works.
let me see what to next.

Sevita Sharma

Sharifah Hassan said...

Hey...don't be so humble about yourself!! You are good but it's just that spoken English and written English are two different things!