Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cuba Try Test Uji Tengok

1. tounge
2. choclate
3. Do you ever have been fall in love
4. A cookies
5. Someone or other person
6. Fullfil
7. dellicious
8. ais-cream
9. chokolaty
10. I didn't fall in love with a person
11. appitite
12. You need to boil the boiled water in a pot
13. It's cooling, rite?
14. favourite cookies is butter cookies
15. When you fell like eating it! Till the day I die!
16. because u'll feel
17. vanila
18. Some of people who is good in doing cookies and ice-cream, they don't have to buy anymore.
19. cerry
20. courages
22. put the staff in

Cuba Try Test Uji Tengok apa kesalahan yang ada...

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