Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Men from Mars Versus Women from Venus

If u TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN LOVE with him;
If u Don't, he says u are PROUD .
If u DRESS Nicely, he says u are trying to LURE him;
If u Don't , he says u are from KAMPUNG.
If u ARGUE with him, he says u are STUBBORN ;
If u keep QUIET, he says u have no BRAINS.
If u are SMARTER than him, he'll lose FACE;
If he's Smarter than u, he is GREAT.
If u don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS u;
If u Love him, he will try to LEAVE u.
If u don't make love with him., he says u don't Love him;
If u do he says u are CHEAP ....
If u tell him your PROBLEM, he says u areTROUBLESOME ;
If u don't, he says that u don't TRUST him.
If u SCOLD him, u are like a NANNY to him;
If he SCOLDS u , it is because he CARES for u.
If u BREAK your PROMISE, u Cannot be TRUSTED ;
If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so....
If u SMOKE, u are BAD girl;If he SMOKES , he is GENTLEMEN
If u do WELL in your exams, he says it's LUCK ;
If he does WELL, it's BRAINS .
If u HURT him, u are CRUEL ;
If he H URTS u, u ar e too ! SENSITIVE !!& sooo hard to please!!!!!
If u send this to guys, they will swear that it's not true..........
but if u don't, they say u are selfish.....

In Short:

So complex, yet so simple
So powerful, yet so weak
So desirable, yet so confusing
So wonderful, yet so damning....MEN!...

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