Friday, September 28, 2007

Like Wise, Life is Never Fair

Talking about life, we always aim to have the very best of everything. We live in a rat-race world where everyone will be climbing the ladder to reach the highest peak. But then what happen when once we are up there?

We always question about things that we never have. We complained the the government is not giving enough salary to us, we claimed that bonus SHOULD be given to us as an appreciation of what we have done for the country. We will never stop asking for more.

Have we ever stop asking and complaining but start giving out, lend a hand where it is needed? When was the last time we went out of our way just to give something out of nothing?

Life is never fair, we never get what we have been asking, but we always been given things that we never ask for! Funny eh?

Human being is an opportunist, we always look for a loophole in any situations that we are in so that we will be able to find an opportunity to benefit our own self. And when we are unable to find the opportunity, we will immediately blame others for our misfortune!

Hmmm....I always wonder are we born this situation or do we choose to be this way?

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